Fashion Photography and Big Brands @BMWILMAR In newspapers, magazines, billboards, and now also on social media, we see fashion photographs. This branch of art must be able to attract the attention of the public in order to encourage the purchase of a particular fashion item (mainly clothing or accessories). To achieve this, the professional in charge of the session is essential, as they must reflect very well what is being sold. It is a complex task that requires a great eye on the part of the photographer because the clothing and accessories of the model must stand out. If you are looking for a prominent and experienced professional, you are in the right place. I am Wilmar Bacaldo Marín and you can find me on my official Instagram account (@BMWILMAR). There you can see all the work I have done for major national and international fashion brands.

Keys to Fashion Photography In fashion photography, the goal is to highlight a particular piece of clothing and/or accessories (such as watches, chains, rings, bags, cosmetics, etc.). The models wearing the clothing must be in the background, which can sometimes complicate sessions. In my opinion, to achieve optimal results, it is essential to be creative, especially in these times where competition is fierce. In this respect, context is fundamental. Some professionals opt for exotic locations, while others choose a neutral background. What I do is think about the characteristics of the clothing and accessories that the brand wants to sell and then choose the ideal location. Lighting is undoubtedly another key point because it will highlight the clothing, enhancing its virtues and hiding its defects. These are, in my opinion, the most relevant aspects that I take into account before carrying out a fashion photography session.

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