bmwilmar-Fashion Streed
bmwilmar-Fashion Streed
bmwilmar-Fashion Streed

Are you looking to showcase your fashion garments and accessories in your advertising campaign in Dubai?

Look no further! I am Wilmar Bacaldo Marín, a professional photographer with experience working with national and international fashion brands in Dubai.

I understand that in fashion photography, the goal is to highlight a specific garment or accessory, and that the model should be in the background. That’s why I strive to be creative in each session, and choose a location that complements the characteristics of the product you want to sell. Additionally, I always pay special attention to the lighting to highlight the virtues of the product and hide its defects..

I offer fashion photography services in Dubai, including:

fashion editorial photography, fashion advertising photography, runway photography, photography for fashion magazines, photography for fashion blogs, photography for model portfolios, photography for designers, photography for online publications, high-fashion photography, street style photography, Lookbook photography, catalog photography, celebrity photography, beauty photography, glamour photography, luxury product photography, lifestyle photography, and event photography for fashion events in Dubai.

Fashion photography Dubai

Mosforela offers high-quality fashion photography services in Dubai, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With our professional photographers and a focus on creativity and originality, we capture stunning images at the city’s most popular locations.


Imagine capturing fashion images on the observation deck of the iconic Burj Khalifa, with panoramic views of the city as a background. Or perhaps you prefer capturing images on The Palm Jumeirah’s beach, with luxury hotels and villas as the backdrop. The Dubai Mall also offers a variety of settings for fashion photography, from luxury shops to designer boutiques, while the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Fountain provide a unique environment for capturing impressive images.

At Mosforela, we strive to provide high-quality fashion photography service in one of the most stunning cities in the world. If you’re looking to capture unique and impressive fashion images in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

bmwilmar-Fashion Streed

Fashion photography Dubai

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